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Funding Solutions

Pure Capital offers innovative funding solutions that are perfect for growing your small business.

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Recovery Solutions

Pure Capital's recovery services provide a fast economic way to recover your past due receivable at no cost to you, unless your claim is recovered.

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Recovery in 3 Easy Steps

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About Us

Funding Solutions

Our economy was built on the backs of American innovation and ingenuity, and we are dedicated to continuing that legacy by helping small businesses reach their full potential. When traditional financing is not readily available, Pure Capital Group's nationally recognized team can help your business to grow, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Easy Application

Pure Capital’s one-page application simplifies the loan process, making it easier for you to access approval and funding.

Customer Service

From the initial contact, to funding, and beyond, we are with you every step of the way.

Recovery Services

Pure Capital Group provides Recovery services to every industry with over twenty years collective experience in the field. Our Goal is to get you your money FAST with no up-front costs. If we don’t collect, there is no fee. We only get paid if you do!

Easy Submission Form

Submit your claims online with our simple form that can be filled out easily. Let one of our representatives contact you and give you a free quote. If you are existing customer, you can use this form repeatedly at the contracted rate agreed to.

Customer Service

You will get monthly updates from our office on where your claims stand. You can also sign into our online system to get day to day updates on your claims. Our account representatives are available 24 hours day, 7 days a week for any questions regarding your claims.
Pure Capital Group

Pure Capital Group is a funding solution that provides merchant cash advances, small business loans, and other creative working capital to small and mid-size businesses throughout the United States. Our goal is to empower small businesses with the working resources they need to thrive.

Small Business Owner

Providing Funding to help grow your Small Business

Our goal is to provide business owners with an easy and direct way to get access to cash to cover operating costs and other crucial business expenses. Business development or emergency costs should never cripple your ability to expand your business, to that end we provide working capital with innovative financial solutions tailored specifically for your business.

Pure Capital Group is a recognized leader in merchant funding and hold a set of core values:

Fast Funding Approvals within 24 hours and funding within days. Creative funding solutions to help small business thrive in today's competitive markets. Unparalleled service and support for both merchants and referral partners.

By adhering to these values, we are able to offer our clients a best-in-class merchant funding product. Combined with the experience of our seasoned financial professionals, these factors have helped us claim the highest levels of customer satisfaction and client retention in the industry.

Providing the Most Effective Funding Products at Competitive Rates

Helping your small business get funding when traditional bank loans or other types of funding have turned you down. Our Merchant Cash Advances and Small Business Microloans are based on the real-time performance of your business. If you own a healthy small business, there is a very good chance that you will qualify for one of our merchant funding programs.

All of our merchant funding programs are clear-to-the-letter, easily manageable, and feature:

Fast Approval Time Highly Competitive Rates Flexible Repayment Options Strong Renewal Program

Visit our How It Works page for a step-by-step introduction to our programs and the nature of our funding products.

Small Business Owner

Recovery Solutions

Why Choose Us?

At Pure Capital Group we work with our debtors to get them the funding they need to get you paid and to get their establishment into better standing. This works for the debtor and works for you as our client. We want you to get the money owed to you fast! We also want our debtors to stay afloat so if you want the option to continue to do business with them, you can!

We understand the importance of effective communication between our company and our clients. We will work with you on each account to give you periodic updates on where your money is. Our clients also have access to their accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our online program. See your account status from anywhere and anytime, our program will show you where your case stands. Have a question? Call us or email us for a fast response! Our representatives are available around the clock. We strive to provide a one of kind service for our clients.

In the event we cannot collect your debt or get the debtor approved for a loan, we have in house Counsel to satisfy all legal needs. If your matter has to be turned over to our legal counsel we will front all disbursement costs. You do not come out of pocket for anything! Any Court fees or Marshal/Sheriff fees will be deducted when your claim is collected. We want you to sit back while we take all the necessary steps to get you your money fast! No headaches and no up-front costs, let us do all the work!

Pure Capital also offers a competitive fee schedule; we want our clients to be satisfied with our service so you continue to do business with us. Contact an agent today for your free consultation!

Recovery Solutions

Other Services we provide to our clients:

Pure Capital Group

Credit Checks- See who you are doing business with before you begin the relationship. We will tell you if your potential client has any issues that you need to be aware of.

Judgment Recovery- Have an entered judgment already and can’t collect it? Let us have our investigators find the debtor’s assets and collect your judgment. We can have our Counsel Process levies, garnishments, sheriff sales and seize any of the debtor’s assets. A judgment is collectable for 20 years. Don’t let your money get away! Let us take action immediately!

Helping Small Business

is at the Heart of What We Do

Small businesses drive America, and it's our passion to help those businesses that need cash to keep running. Virtually all types of industries benefit from our services, including restaurants, retail stores, manufacturing outlets, repair shops and more. There are no limits to what our cash advances can be spent on, allowing business owners to put cash into necessary inventory, labor, expansions, equipment and more.

Trust in Our Experience to Help

Grow Your Business

Working with Pure Capital Group means working with some of the most experienced merchant funding experts in the United States. Our team is comprised of former small business owners like you and financial specialists that are dedicated to assisting your small business in receiving the funds it needs.

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