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TERMS & CONDITIONS: (a) Upon placement of any claim(s) with Pure Capital Group the client understands that Pure Capital Group shall use all necessary steps and/or resources to ensure your claim is recovered in the most cost and time effective manner possible. (b) Client understands that commissions will be charged at a flat rate of 30% unless otherwise agreed to with Pure Capital Group. This not does apply to clients with a current contract with our office. (c) All payments made by debtor directly to Client shall be reported immediately to Pure Capital Group. Client understands that any payments received directly to Client after the date of placement they shall be responsible for the commission due to Pure Capital Group for their efforts in collecting said debt. Said commission shall be paid immediately to Pure Capital Group. (d) Client agrees in the event that Pure Capital Group requires assistance in collecting said debt that they will refer the matter to Pure Capital Group’s in house Counsel without further notice to the client. (e) Client understands that in the event this matter must be turned over for Litigation they will be responsible for all disbursements/research/attorneys costs/marshal/sheriff or any other 3rd party costs associated with the claim. All litigation costs shall be billed monthly or will be deducted/offset if not paid upon collection of said debt. Pure Capital Group reserves the right to offset litigation costs and commissions from payments received and shall remit the remaining balance to the client after thirty (30) days of funds being held in escrow to ensure clearance of payment. (f) In the event the Client wishes to withdraw the claim from our office, the client will be billed at the agreed upon rate or in accordance with the rate schedule discussed (g) In the event that there is merchandise or material returned in accordance with the claim submitted, the Client will be billed for the cost of those goods. (h) Any sum collected above the amount placed with Pure Capital Group shall be property of Pure Capital Group. (i) Client understands that all settlements offered to Pure Capital Group or the legal counsel shall be accepted or denied by the Client and in the event Client does not accept same Pure Capital Group shall have the authority to accept said settlement under conditions agreed upon as set forth above said claim. The Client shall be notified in writing of any settlement. In the event the Client does not respond within 24 hours of settlement submission to Client, Pure Capital group shall utilize its complete and total discretion to accept said settlement offer. (j) Pure Capital Group shall have the authority to deposit all checks into an escrow account and shall remit the balance to the Client less any fees, disbursements as set forth above, after the thirty (30) day clearance period has passed.

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